EVR is the perfect size and location to hold an undisturbed, private group celebration for your upcoming marriage. Over a weekend, we can customize a full menu of activities that will never be forgotten.

  • Daytime Light Adventures: Horseback riding, golf, riverside hike and picnic or one of over 20 other light activities
  • Daytime Challenging Adventures: River rafting, mountain biking, skiing, rock-climbing or any one of 10 other activities
  • Daytime Lounging: Our Spa can cater to everything from Massage, Mani-Pedis, Hydrotherapy, Deep tissue treatments to have you renew and rejuvenate.
  • Night Time Party: Celebrate in style with our fully customized offerings including Dinner, Wine & Spirits, DJ and personal services of your choice. The party can go all night as EVR is your private, exclusive site for letting loose.