Hydrotherapy encompasses many applications of water therapy including sweating, hot/cold showers and plunges.

Plus the use of Kangen Water (CLICK here for FREE eBOOK) for drinking and administered rectal infusions, it has strong benefits of anti oxidants and the ability to maintain an easy way for proper pH balance in your body.

Colon Hydrotherapy

This powerful treatment originally came from the Egyptians 3500 years ago. Our spa combines this age old wisdom with modern technology approved by the International Association of Certified Colon Therapists. All colon therapists at Eagle Valley Retreat are I-Act certified. Archer Jensan, co-founder of EVR is I-Act Instructor Level and National B Certified has practiced at his own clinic for over 10 years www.vesttawholehealth.com. “Throughout all those years and the thousands of patients I have helped, only 1% of them arrived with truly healthy colons”, says Archer. At Eagle Valley Retreat, we have carefully chosen the Aquanet EC200 system for its ability to gently cleanse the colon and encourage peristalsis under controlled pressure. In addition, our spa at Eagle Valley Retreat uses our pristine well water exclusively, and Kangen Water for therapy. Colon Hydrotherapy has the following benefits:

  1. Prevent premature aging,
  2. Reduces or eliminates chronic diseases,
  3. Improves nutrient absorption