Looking for a business retreat Vancouver?

team building and corporate retreat Vancouver locations and business retreats Vancouver location ideasBusiness retreats are the perfect opportunity to reconnect with your staff, reward them for their efforts or envision the next steps to your companies success.  You have a hectic schedule and getting together for a meeting can be difficult at times. Maybe it is time to consider a business retreat Vancouver.

According to Business Insider, a retreat is not just a superficial motivational exercise in decreeing “let’s do better” but an opportunity to take a step back and realign, rethink, and break down how to do better.

What are the benefits of a business retreat Vancouver?

Spending time away from the office in a casual environment builds stronger bonds between staff members, allows your team to envision future goals together, and trouble shoot problems with creative solutions.

You can determine the agenda for your business retreat and tailor the retreat to meet your goals and staff needs.  Agenda topic might include: reflection of what worked well last year and what didn’t, new skills training or taking the time to prioritize your goals in preparation for the next months and years. Your staff may benefit from team building and leadership development activities to enhance future work performance and business growth.

I don’t want to travel far, what business retreat is close by and relaxing?

Nestled in the BC coastal mountain range, Eagle Valley Retreat is a just over an hour drive from Vancouver to Upper Squamish Valley.

Eagle Valley Retreat offers your team leadership development, team building exercises, workshop rooms, and seminar space for your business retreat Vancouver.  It’s time to get your team together in one place.  Strategize future goals, celebrate a business success or learn some team building exercises.Eagle Valley Retreat Lodge for corporate retreats, business retreats, wedding venue, workshops, seminar near Vancouver in Squamish, BC

  • According to Huffington post, the benefits of a business retreat are important because
    it builds morale,
    builds genuine bonds between employees,
    provides valuable training, and is an excellent opportunity to
    invite new employee prospects to come along and get to know the team.

Enjoy full amenity services on your business retreat and decompress from city life. Relax on old growth rainforest acreage while you learn more about the talents of your staff.

Experience the ultimate team building experience!

team building activitiesTeam building exercises can be easily incorporated into your business retreat Vancouver! Eagle Valley retreat offers on site as well as off site team building activities to help your team grow and learn together.

A fun and unique team building activity that will stimulate all the senses is the leadership building canoe adventure with Voyageur Adventures. Your team will learn new skills and work together while experiencing a one of a kind opportunity that they will rave about to their friends and family.

Here’s how to to plan a business retreat Vancouver!

Begin planning your business retreat by determining your budget and looking on the schedule for a date that would work for all your staff. Once you have the date you can plan the itinerary for the retreat. The staff at Eagle Valley Retreat can help you plan your business retreat.

Contact Eagle Valley Retreat to discuss your business retreat.

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