About Eagle Valley Private Retreat Options

Eagle Valley Retreat provides groups with an exclusive and private retreat for customized events that build truly unique memories. We encourage our clients to ‘imagine the possibilities’ by helping them generate creative ideas for an inspiring experience. Our mission is to help individuals and groups renew and develop their skills, relationships and health. Our 7-acre site ensures the privacy and freedom needed to create a special getaway.

 Private Retreat Details

Our clients include:

  • Businesses & Organizations
  • Professional Associations
  • Wedding Planners
  • Health & Wellness Specialists
  • Event Planners
  • Tour Companies
  • Educators
  • Families

We work closely with our clients and partners to customize getaways for:

  • Meetings
  • Strategic Planning
  • Teambuilding
  • Health Enhancement
  • Weddings
  • Leadership Development
  • Adventure Travel
  • Workshops
  • Special Celebrations
  • Unique Gatherings for Friends and Family

Whether it’s a relaxing spa weekend, a focused planning session, wedding, professional development workshop or a full adventure getaway, Eagle Valley Retreat is here to provide the resources and support that bring it all to life.

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Eagle Valley Retreat was created for groups that require absolute exclusivity for their events. Our site and facility allows for the two key elements that make this possible: Privacy and Freedom. Imagine Eagle Valley Retreat as your own private, rustic Country Estate. Our aim is to provide you with the support and services you need to create a flawless and memorable event with maximum flexibility and discretion.

Private Retreat

Nestled on 7 serene acres, with our main Lodge set back over 100 metres from the road, Eagle Valley Retreat gives you the quiet and seclusion necessary for a boutique group event.


We see ourselves as event facilitators; helping you bring your imagination to life around your event. With endless possibilities we are here to see that you achieve maximum value and results for your budget.

Rustic Meets Refined

Eagle Valley Retreat is not designed to be perfectly refined. Naturally, we have all the essential onsite services. But we have worked hard to achieve a balanced look and feel that blends ‘Rustic’ and ‘Refined’. You will experience a combination of rural with a bit of polish added for comfort.

It is modeled after what Europeans call ‘Villa Style’ living.

Complete Support Services

With years of event planning, design, catering and staffing experience, Eagle Valley Retreat can supply as little or as much professional support as needed to ensure your event unfolds flawlessly.

Event Planning: The Art Of Design

Your success is our success. We are here to offer ideas, expertise, input and guidance to make your vision of a remarkable retreat come true. Whether you use only some, or all of our services, our goal is to ensure that everything dovetails seamlessly into a single wonderful experience that your group will never forget.


Our philosophy of a ‘Villa Style’ approach to accommodations allows for maximum range in sleeping arrangements including both Lodge and Camping arrangements.

Lodge: As with ‘Villa Style’ living, each room in the lodge represents a range on the comfort and convenience scale. All rooms are simple and have a suitcase table along with places to hang some of your clothing. Some rooms have ensuite bathrooms, other rooms share a bathroom.

Coach House: For extra lodging or special needs by program leaders, our Coach House is the perfect solution for up to 6 individuals. This private facility has the full range of amenities needed for a special group.

Camping: With 10 designated tenting areas for up to 20 guests (2 per tent site), located in the Moon Meadow near the Lodge, all campers have full access to all the Lodge amenities including bathrooms, showers, kitchen and recreation room.

Flexible Catering Options

Eagle Valley Retreat uses a wide range of skilled chefs, cooks, and service staff for each event. Our teams range from local expertise in Squamish to more metropolitan skillsets in Vancouver and Whistler. Clients can also arrange within their own team to plan and manage the catering aspects from start to finish.

Retreat Support

Retreat Planning, Facilitation & Team Building: EVR has a skilled team of retreat planners, facilitators and team building activity designers that can take your retreat to the next level.

Marquees, Tables, Linens, Cutlery and Flooring: Using local suppliers in Squamish, we have full access to complete event support services to ensure the range of resources you need.

Music, Photography and Decoration: Clients can choose their own services in this area or use our tried and tested team of professionals.

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